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  • Twenty Fourteen

    A grid.. a theme… that’s Twenty Fourteen. This pattern is inspired by Twenty Fourteen. Pattern Code Screenshot

  • Twenty Thirteen

    Twenty Thirteen was a theme of stylish headers and bold colors. This pattern takes that inspiration to create a pattern that lives on the edge of random effects depending on what browser you are viewing in. A nod to the color scheme is made in the chosen bubbles. Pattern Screenshot

  • Twenty Twelve

    This theme was simple but in that minimalism came a calm, ease. This pattern is designed to bring that feeling to a pattern with simple blocks and styling. Pattern Sometimes all you need is a simple theme When that’s the case you just write something as a description and keep on keeping on. Screenshot

  • Twenty Ten

    This theme was the one with the trees and the pattern inspiration takes that into the form. Screenshot

  • Kubrick

    This theme is often the one that for many started their journey into WordPress themes, it certainly was the one that begun mine. It seems only fitting that I should therefore start a new series of patterns dedicated to the default themes with one inspired by Kubrick, also known simply as ‘default’. From the gradients…

  • 031


  • 030

    H I / D O As they sank into the darkness I felt a strange chill, and a lonely feeling came over me There are no mice in the air, I’m afraid, but you might catch a bat, and that’s very like a mouse, you know. But do cats eat bats, I wonder?’ And here…

  • 029

    The – – time for –

  • 028


  • 027