Category: Default theme series

  • Twenty Twenty Four

    A pattern inspired by the default theme Twenty Twenty-Four. * _____________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • Twenty Twenty Three

    This theme had a whole lot of styles and that is the inspiration behind this pattern. The marks like brush strokes, pick out the highlight colors from the styles as a cover pattern. Pattern Code Screenshot

  • Twenty Twenty Two

    A functional default theme, Twenty Twenty Two had a feature header that inspired this pattern – the travelling bird. For this pattern it has the bird transformed to a cover art piece in duotone, to start any content you want. Pattern Code Screenshot

  • Twenty Twenty One

    Twenty Twenty One had art at the heart of the theme. This pattern takes that as inspiration, creating a purely visual moment of an image display wall that uses borders not quite like the default theme, but inspired by it. Drawing on the legacy of the galleries where art hangs for people to view. Of…

  • Twenty Twenty

    This theme was incredibly graphic, so the pattern inspired by it had to reflect that. The result is simply a cover canvas pattern, that avoids functional and focuses on making blocks into pure art. Pattern Code Screenshot

  • Twenty Nineteen

    Twenty Nineteen was really about not just another blogging theme. It could easily be used for a business or something else. This pattern takes that inspiration, creating a calling card. The avatar was key to this theme along with the crisp, minimal header and simple dividers. Pattern Your name in a card Something heading Screenshot

  • Twenty Seventeen

    When Twenty Seventeen came out it broke out from the ‘blog’ format starting to see default themes as options for other content. This pattern draws on the key features of this theme, the sticky nature, photographs and scrolling. It keeps it functional though – because at the core this theme was about delivering a message…

  • Twenty Sixteen

    Twenty Sixteen was a minimal, spacious but bold typography focused theme. This pattern takes those bones as inspiration creating a strip to use anywhere you need a call out. It’s one of the more functional default theme patterns in memory of the functionality of this theme itself. Pattern Sometimes you need space A large header…

  • Twenty Fifteen

    This theme was fairly simple again, but had an iconic header of a pier from Brighton and Hove. The clean edges and spacing of this theme reflect in the bold pattern created. Pattern The simpler side A pier, some seagulls and the sea. Screenshot

  • Twenty Fourteen

    A grid.. a theme… that’s Twenty Fourteen. This pattern is inspired by Twenty Fourteen. Pattern Code Screenshot